Wintertime is such a relaxing time for a romantic getaway in Oregon, and the Willamette Valley is the perfect place to rekindle, nourish, or spark a loving relationship. As a bonus, spending time together tasting elegant wine, dining out, strolling among the vines, and then cozying up by a fire sounds like the best itinerary for an intimate vacation for two.

For the most romantic getaway in Oregon, you’ll want to choose our Willamette Valley Bed and Breakfast as your wine country destination. Not only will you be surrounded by the vineyards of a working winery, but you’ll also have access to taste some fantastic wines from our Bailey Family reserve label and our signature line of wines from Youngberg Hill.

Compare and contrast our Youngberg Hill single block Pinots: Can you taste the difference a bit of elevation makes? Or a slight change in the soil? Is it fruit-forward or very dry and tannic? What notes do your taste on your palate?

That’s all part of the thrill of wine tasting with someone you love. It’s a conversation starter and keeps things light and exciting, not to mention the serotonin that wine helps to release in your brain. It sounds like the ideal combination for the best romantic getaway in Oregon to us!

Our elegant Willamette Valley Bed and Breakfast serves as the perfect backdrop for a relaxing vacation. Check out our upcoming availability and book your next romantic getaway in Oregon today! Read More