It’s time to start planning for harvest season at our Willamette Valley winery. As summer begins to wane you can feel it in the air, just a touch of crispness and the afternoon light takes on a golden hue. Harvest typically begins in late September and continues until early November. The vineyards at our Willamette Valley winey begins to bustle with activity as all hands on deck begin picking the ripe grapes.

At our Willamette Valley winery, Bailey Family Wines (as well as our sister winery Youngberg Hill) we use biodynamic and organic farming methods. Our winemaker, Wayne Bailey, brings expertise and skill to the growing, maintaining, harvesting, and fermenting processes. In turn, our small batch Pinot Noir is bright and lean, the Grenache bold and berry, our Chardonnay delicate and balanced, and our Sparkling is world class.

On any visit to our Willamette Valley winery, you may want to plan ahead and book your room at our adjacent Willamette Valley Bed and Breakfast. It’s a lovely way to spend time in wine country without the stress of driving or having to head home. Our location is ideal for a weekend getaway from the city, surrounded by the beauty of Oregon wine country. Get your reservation on the books! Read More